You Can Control Obesity, Just Follow Us

You Can Control Obesity, Just Follow Us

Within the last couple of decades, a tremendous amount of complaints have been recorded against the overgrowing obesity rates in the different parts around the globe. It is one of the grave concerns growing its root in today’s spherical world. Over the past few years, awareness campaigns have been set up to educate people about the risk and factors compelling due to obesity.

Generally, obesity is caused when people tend to consume more and more off the street, junk food rich in fat and sugars without managing sufficient movement through physical activity or exercise. This overgrowing problem was once linked only to adults with a BMI greater than 30 but according to recent surveys it has been found that in fact children, teenagers are also prone to this epidemic proportion. Obesity is not only a superficial consideration, but a long-term medical condition that leads to cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol problem, diabetes and in some cases adds up to a number of cancers.

Due to high rates of relapsing, obesity has still not found an everlasting treatment, due to which people facing the problem often end up regaining the weight within a short span.

In this article, we will be shedding light on some important reasons that add up to the chronic condition of obesity or weight gain.

1.  Consumption of contrived junk food

People in today’s world whether be it a child or ad adult, are more addicted to foods that are heavily processed than actual refined foods with additives which is why obesity is paving its way in this society. These processed foods rise temptations among people that is why we are often unable to resist our nerves and eventually end up consuming these engineered junk foods that lead to this chronic disease of obesity.

2.  Genetics

Obesity doesn’t necessarily emerge due to lack of movement or high intake of fats instead it also occurs as a genetic transferred disease which is following the family pattern for a long time. Kids with obese parents are more prone to this medical condition than children of lean guardians. But this doesn’t check off the fact that whatever you choose to consume has a major effect on the triggered genes.

3.  Minimal outdoor activity

One of the major factors leading up to obesity, weight gain is the absence of any physical activity. This leading factor is common among children, teenagers because they tend to spend more of the time hooked on to their mobile phone gadgets, video games that have totally erased the need of following any outdoor activity or tasks. Due to lack of any movement, you are not able to secrete the consumed food that ends up being stored in your system as excess fat or sugar thus causing obesity.

4.  Medical grounds

This chronic illness is also often associated with certain medical reasons such as inactive thyroid gland termed hypothyroidism where basically your gland doesn’t produce sufficient hormones. Obesity is also caused due to crushing syndrome, an underlaying disorder of rare type which causes over-produced hormones. However, these conditions if exposed to proper treatment can help us to cure obesity ultimately.

We should take necessary precautions to educate people about this silent threat that embarks on activating other death prevailing diseases so that the problem could put to rest for good.



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